WWE 2K18 Wishlist – What Can be Improved?

The release of WWE 2K18 seems to be far away, but before you know it, the wait for the game will be over and we will have our hands on the new version of WWE video game. WWE is regarded as one of the best sports of all time. It has a great fan following and is loved by many.

In order to relate to the wrestlers and even to be a part of the sport, many people purchase the video game. They spend hours playing it as it gives them a chance to experience the sport that they love so much. Plus, they get the chance to be one of the players at that moment.

Though the game has provided its customers countless hours of entertainment and fun, there is still a lot more that can be achieved by the company to fulfill the demands of its customers. After all, listening to the customers will result in a stronger and a more loyal customer base.

WWE 2k18 Game Image

WWE 2k18 Game

Customers are still looking to reach the epitome of greatness in the video game and for that, they have their own set of requirements which have formed the WWE 2k18 wishlist.

The WWE 2K18 Wishlist

Graphics need to be improved

There is a lot of space for improvement in the graphics of the game. With the constant evolution of the gaming world, most of the other games have developed amazing graphics that seem almost lifelike; this is where WWE has lacked a bit. There have been times that the wrestlers looked like plastic and their expressions were off. There were even times that you couldn’t tell the difference between the two wrestlers. So it is best for the developers to pay more attention to their wrestlers and make them look just as good as real life.

Lesser load time is required

The game takes more than enough time to load as it is and when you try to open a new mode, feature or game, the game takes just as long to load. The wait at times gets very irritating, so it would be a good option for the company to sort this issue out and make the load time lower.

The Showcase Mode needs to come back

One of the major reasons WWE 2K17 could not become as popular as WWE 2K16 was because the company had decided to remove the Showcase Mode. This mode allowed the gamers to go back into time and relive the epic moments of WWE. It gave its consumers an experience that they wanted to visit again and again, but as it was removed, many consumers were left unhappy. The only probable solution to this is to bring it back.

MyCareer requires a better voice

The current voice for MyCareer is not up to par with expectations and there is a lot more that can be done with it. The voice currently comes off as broken and not so great. Hence, it would be great if the company worked on this and brought a more lifelike character to do the interviews, who has a good voice.

Fair pricing of features

Some of the added features need to be paid for. These features, though add value to the game, are not as great that they need to be paid for. The value associated with them is not fair, so it would be nice if the company removed the price tag.

Faster upload of updates

Anything can happen on any day in the wrestling world. A wrestler could be injured or someone else could take over the championship in the blink of an eye. It would be great to have all the wrestling related updates in the game as soon as an event takes place.

Eradication of the bugs

Even though the previous games were as amazing as one would expect them to be, there were still some bugs in them. It would be best if the company noticed them all and eliminated them in WWE 2K18. That would give its consumers a better experience.

Superior online gaming option

There is so much that can be improved when talking about Online Multiplayer. Currently, it is not as good as it should be. It would be great if the company decided to add some value to its multiplayer option and give its consumers a good online experience as well.

WWE 2018 GameplayWWE 2018 Gameplay

Adding crowd interaction

In the real world, the crowd has the ability to interact with the wrestlers; it’s what makes the game more interesting and fun. The developers should consider this aspect as well and allow the gamers to let their wrestlers interact with the crowd around the stage.

Overall commentary style

Even though it has gotten much better than what it was before, the commentary can still be worked upon. There is still room for improvement in the sound and quality of commentary in the game.

Adding the Create an Entrance feature

One of the best parts about WWE is the entrance of the wrestlers. In the 2005 version of WWE, the gamer had the opportunity to create an entrance for their players, but it has since been taken out of the game. It would be great if the company brought it back in WWE 2K18.

Precise Weight Detection

The weight detection in the present version of the game is completely inaccurate. It is due to this reason that wrestlers don’t match correctly with each other, giving one power over the other, even though the weight detection says otherwise. This is one feature that the company needs to improve.

The WWE 2k18 wishlist comes to an end here. Though it is one of the most amazing wrestling games as it allows consumers to be a part of the famous WWE, the game still has much room for improvement. It is only once these features are added that gamers would truly be happy with the end-product. Till then, the developers need to work on the game and clear out all the bugs in it.

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