WWE 2K18 Wishlist – Expectation and Features

There is always room for improvement in everything, and the WWE game is no different. We are going to talk a bit about the WWE 2K18 wishlist and features that would increase the interest in the game and make it all the more exciting for the fans.

The expectations of WWE 2K18 features that we are going to point out are the ones that people have in mind.

WWE 2k18 Wishlist: Roster

If everyone who is on the active roster is in the game, the game will be more entertaining. Former players can also be roped in to make a guest appearance. This would ensure that large pre-orders are attained and increase the anticipation for the upcoming game.

Increasing the number of moves

Another option is to increase the number of moves that each player has. This will ensure that the maximum is attained out of a player and make it appear all the more real.

Looking more realistic

It should be strived to make it certain that different moves and steps appear more real. For instance, fighting in the crowd and making moves with a chair would increase the interest of the players.

Personalized commentary

An option should be extended to the players to create their own commentary. They should be allowed to choose the language along with the commentators. This will ensure that the commentary does not sound monotonous to them.

WWE 2k18 Wishlist image

WWE 2k18 Wishlist image

Keeping the behavior consistent

It should be strived to ensure that respect and disrespect are optional. There should be a consistency in the behavioral pattern of the wrestlers. If two people cannot see eye to eye in the field, they should be the same off it as well.

Creating a story

The fans should be allowed to create a storyline mode and be provided with an opportunity to create a storyline for their favorites. They should have the option to bring changes with regards to the attacks, chanting, and sense of humor among others. This will increase their interest.

Creating finisher

While creating a finisher, players should be given the option to decide how much power is included in the finisher. This includes both speed and power. They should also be allowed to choose taunts to make it all the more entertaining.

Speaking own words

An option of speaking their own words by typing should be made available to the players. This needs to be accurate, and it should be ensured that they do not end up speaking anything that does not make any sense. It should also be strived to ensure that there is no abusive content.

WWE 2k18 Wishlist: Creating a promo

The ability to create a promo or ad for a particular star or legend is one that should be offered to the fans.

These changes have the ability to increase the excitement and interest associated with the game and would surely work in its favor.

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