WWE 2K18 Cover Ideas

WWE is all about professional fighters wrestling against each other in an arena where hundreds of people come to watch. These trained fighters create an atmosphere of total rage in their audience who, in turn, boos them or cheers them on. It is in this arena that many people feel the fight running through their veins as well. They become just as excited and if they had it in them, they might get into the fight as well.

Seeing this audience and catering to their needs to be a part of WWE, a video game in which people can relive matches was developed. It became a great success and people were able to take part in the fights and spend hours playing the game.

With each game they played, they felt rage flowing throw their bloodstream, enough to make them want to actually enter the game and fight the opponent themselves. You can tell the level of involvement of these people by the way they are slamming their controllers.

WWE fast became one of the most loved wrestling video games of all time. Gamers anxiously await every year for the release of the new version of the game that they can play hoping for better and newer features.

One of the things that consumers anticipate about the launch of the game is which wrestler gets featured on its cover. The WWE 2K18 cover result is anxiously awaited. It would determine who the company feels deserves the spot. It is an honor for a wrestler to be given this opportunity. Now the question arises, who are the top wrestlers that should get a chance to be on the cover of WWE 2K18?

Top contenders for the WWE 2K18 cover

WWE 2k18 Shinsuke Nakamura Cover Image

WWE 2k18 Shinsuke Nakamura Cover Image

Shinsuke Nakamura

One of the top wrestlers in WWE, Shinsuke has won many matches and titles throughout his career. He is known for his great technique onstage and his ability to move quickly. He has a huge fan base that is victim to his charm and charisma. It is his talent as a fighter that has taken him far in the league.



WWE 2k18 Cover AJ Styles Image

WWE 2k18 AJ Styles Cover Image


 AJ Styles

Even though he is a relative newcomer in the wrestling ring, he has quickly become one of the best. He is known for his technique on stage and his liveliness and dexterity. He has also won many matches and puts up a great performance.



WWE 2k18 Kazuchika Okada Cover Image

WWE 2k18 Kazuchika Okada Cover Image

Kazuchika Okada

Coming in from Japan, Kazuchika is known for his alertness and performance on stage. He entertains the crowd immensely and has many fans. He has also won many titles and is one of the best wrestlers WWE has ever had.





WWE 2k18 Tetsuya Naito Cover Image

WWE 2k18 Tetsuya Naito Cover Image

Tetsuya Naito

Said to be one of the most talented high flyers in the ring, Natio comes from Japan. He has received many titles over the years and performs extremely well in all his matches.




WWE 2k18 Kevin Owens Cover Image

WWE 2k18 Kevin Owens Cover Image

Kevin Owens

With a Canadian origin, Kevin Owens is one of the best and biggest WWE fighters. He shows great agility on stage and his technique is next to being flawless. He is loved by many fans and is known for his talent in the wrestling ring.

What do you think? Who should be on the WWE 2k18 Cover?

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