The Road to WWE 2K18 – A Brief History

WWE 2k18 till now

Along the years till WWE 2k18, WWE has built its place among the heart of youngsters and adults alike with great action and quality entertainment. It’s very rare for one not to know about Rey Mysterio, Triple H, or the very popular John Cena. The recent John Cena meme is a proof of that.

The history of WWE is vast with many wrestlers, events, and famous moves. However, another branch of the entertainment that WWE provides is the series of video games released over the years, which builds the interest for the sport itself as well as ensures that any passionate fan can enjoy it as much as possible but within the confines of safety. That’s the message from WWE: do not try this at home.

Early Years of 1983-1990

In 1983, WWE released the first of its video games with the name Tag Team Wrestling, which was a very simple arcade game that showcased the prestige of WWE to youngsters and featured outside-the-ring battles. This game was also known as The Big Pro Wrestling.

Between the years 1983 and 1984, the famous and revolutionary Nintendo Entertainment System was released, introducing the world to consoles and the initialization of an age with remarkable video games. Then, Pro Wrestling was released in 1987 and WWE WrestleMania in 1989 for the NES console. In the latter year, another arcade game was released called WWE Superstars.

The Revolutionary 90s

The 90s was the widely acknowledged pivotal year in technological advancements, both in the industrial and domestic lifestyles. One of the major changes the 90s is known for was the exponential growth in the gaming industry. WWE took this opportunity to release WWE Super WrestleMania in 1992 for the SNES and in 1994, the first WWE Raw game was released for a number of consoles.

Near the time the PlayStation 1 was released, WWE released the WrestleMania game in 1995, being the first step in the several WWE games to come for the PlayStation.

WWE 2k18 cover photo

WWE 2k18 cover photo

Growth Between the Years 2000 and 2010

After the 90s paved the path for greater advancements, technology improved significantly within the first ten years since 2000. The first of the famous WWE SmackDown games was released for PlayStation 1 with an all-new Significant Season mode that let gamers play through the storyline. This feature later became very famous among the gaming series.

During these years, various installments of WWE SmackDown have released as well as the first SmackDown Vs. Raw for PlayStation 2 in 2007. This age was very fundamental as the developers played with the programming of the games to make features and game physics to what they are now.

WWE As We Knows It and WWE 2k18

With the progress in just over a decade, the WWE gaming experience has changed into how it is now and the WWE 2K18 will feature very impressive graphics and gameplay and an amazing gaming experience for numerous platforms including PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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