Pre-Order Bonus Superstars for WWE 2K18!

Previous Bonus Characters

As most of us already know, bonus characters that might as well be some of the best superstars of WWE are being released for pre-order in the recent WWE 2K games, much to the fans’ pleasure. Wrestling legends have been featured in the previous games as pre-order characters over the past few years such as The Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Bill Goldberg and, much to many gamers’ surprise, Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator!

Are The Rumors Really True?

There are only a few bonus characters to choose from and since WWE 2K18 is expected to have an enormous roster in itself, predicting the names of the pre-order bonus characters will be incredibly difficult in the games that follow. That said, there have been rumors about the bonus characters to be featured in WWE 2K18. One of the biggest legends of WWE especially is expected to be in the upcoming game.

The Expected Bonus Characters

Although this list is not official and only based on rumors that are flying around, we hope the following rumors are true:

WWE 2k18 Owen Hart Image

WWE 2k18 Owen Hart Image

Owen Hart

Much to the sorrow of many devoted fans, Owen Hart died in 1999 due to a tragic accident, due to which his widow Martha holds a grudge against the WWE. Owen Hart’s widow will not allow her late husband to be related to WWE in any regard, which has mostly been the reason he hasn’t been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

However, WWE featured Owen Hart in a DVD that covered and praised the legend’s career, so many fans and officials expect him to be featured as the pre-order bonus in WWE 2K18 later on.



WWE 2k18 Chyna Image

WWE 2k18 Chyna Image


A favorite as well as one of the legends of WWE, Chyna passed away earlier this year while being only 46 years old. When WWE paid tribute to her on Monday Night Raw, two of the most influential superstars of WWE, namely Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, said that Chyna would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame very soon. If she is, indeed, one of the bonus characters to pre-order for WWE 2K18, seeing her inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame will be a step not too far away.

WWE 2k18 CM Punk Image

WWE 2k18 CM Punk Image

CM Punk

CM Punk has been a superstar that has won over the support of many fans due to his fighting talent and charisma. But since the superstar left WWE in 2014 to join the world of mixed martial arts, CM Punk hasn’t been interested in coming back. That said, if CM Punk is indeed featured in WWE 2K18, it would make the game utterly and incomparably phenomenal.


WWE 2k18 Kurt Angle Image

WWE 2k18 Kurt Angle Image

Kurt Angle

As rumored, the legend to be one of the bonus characters is the one and only Kurt Angle, who has been away from WWE for over a decade but might rejoin. Even though we say that this is a rumor, Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Kurt Angle would indeed be featured as a bonus character for WWE 2K18.

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