WWE 2K18 Favorite Roster

In our nation, wrestling is a culture and gaming is our favorite pastime. When both are combined together, we come across a completely different beast. Talking about the WWE 2K game, it has been an instant hit with the masses, all thanks to the WWE legacy. If you followed the previous series, you might have remained impressed with what 2K has been able to do every new series. The last few have been the best, and WWE 2K18 is expected to be better than the best.

Agreed, keeping up-to-date with the roster must be one of the hardest things on the to-do list of the game developers. Therefore, let’s get to this dream WWE 2k18 roster to give them a helping hand so that the WWE CEO Vince McMahon and other senior brass can have a final look at it in their giant conference room. With the tentative release month around the corner (October), it would be interesting to see how this dream list cuts all corners and makes it to the boardroom and finally to the developers of the game. Jokes aside, let the WWE 2K18 dream roster countdown begin. Three… two… one… BUZZ!

Kurt Angle

The 1996 Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle has won the prestigious World Championship belt six times and just about every other major WWE title out there at least once. Despite having spent ten years with a rival company TNA, WWE chooses to immortalize his name and legacy by inducting him in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017. Now, this clearly tells us that his departure from WWE must not have been on ‘bad terms’. Since there was no nasty farewell, we can all expect to see Kurt Angle in the dream roster of WWE 2K18 series. A guy with an illustrious WWE career, Kurt Angle remains one of the most celebrated WWE superstars of all times. If we were to steal the words of WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Paul Levesque, here’s what he had to say about the iconic Kurt Angle. “He was one of the most gifted athletes to ever enter the WWE ring.” So, don’t we deserve to see him anytime soon in the WWE 2K18 game?

WWE 2k18 Roster Kurt Angle

WWE 2k18 Roster Kurt Angle

Rob Van Dam

Back in the day, Rob Van Dam was a part of the WWE 2K series. His in-ring styles were great fun and fast to use. His omission from the game might have been a case of bad timing. A top-level star and one of the best high-flying wrestlers to have ever entered the WWE arena, die-hard fans would love to see him back in action mode. After all, it has been too long of an absence from a memorable high-flying wrestler like Rob Van Dam. His agility, speed, and inspiring performances have always been a hit with the crowd. His signature moves are still untouchable and second to none. The more we see former WWE heroes, the more limitless are the possibilities for the growth of fantasy matches. So, can we hope that he is not overlooked in the WWE 2K18 series?

Rob Van Dam 2k18 WWE Roster Image

Rob Van Dam 2k18 WWE Roster

Hulk Hogan

Following the release of Hulk Hogan’s racially-charged statements, the 2K game series had to shave him off the roster list at the last minute. Of course, WWE being WWE, they don’t bow down to anyone—despite the fact that Hulk Hogan’s place in WWE history is absolutely written in stone. A lot of WWE’s initial success is attributed to Hulk Hogan. The WWE of today exists because of the Hulk of Yesteryear. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatement to claim that WWE would have shut its doors at some point if it had not been for Hulk Hogan. Coming back to his racial remarks, he has already doomed himself and has apologized for his statements. If we were to let bygones be bygones and only remember his contribution to the WWE world, there would be no denying the fact that there is no better name for a WWE 2K18 comeback than Hulk Hogan. So, will he be welcomed back with open arms?

Hulk Hogan 2k18 Roster image

Hulk Hogan 2k18 Roster


This list would be incomplete without mentioning the honorable Batista. Shockingly dumped in the last series, Dave Batista certainly deserves a comeback. Having stretched himself from the wrestling ring to Hollywood sets, Batista has never failed to garner a massive fan base. His presence in the 2K series is greatly missed. That being said, there’s definitely an area of disconnect between Batista and the WWE. Of course, his outspoken personality doesn’t go well with the WWE community—especially when he sets out to blast the current WWE era. However, we can’t take away the fact that there is no replacement for this superstar. Many will remember that his 2010 exit from WWE was rather unceremonious. So, can we expect a ceremonious comeback for Batista, “The Animal,” in the WWE 2K18 series?

Batista Roster WWE 2k18 Image

Batista Roster WWE 2k18

Alberto del Rio

Another among the list of favorites is Alberto del Rio. He has been in the news for various reasons, be they good or bad. If sources are to be believed, Alberto del Rio will be removed from the WWE 2K18 roster. Having won several World Championship matches, he is the only pro wrestler in the history of WWE to have won both Money in the Bank and Royal Rumble in the same year. However, a lot has changed over the years. Recently, he was fired from WWE. His earlier termination in 2014 saw his return after a fine. But, his comeback reign did not last too long as it seemed that WWE had lost interest in pushing him to the next level. That being said, WWE has struggled to find a replacement for Alberto del Rio—a superstar at the same level that he was at. So, can we hope that this Mexican wrestling star will somehow retain his spot on the WWE 2K18 roster?

Alberto del Rio WWE Roster 2k18 Image

Alberto del Rio WWE Roster 2k18

WWE 2K18 is anticipated to have the best roster yet. It goes without saying, however, that you can expect some big changes in the roster. What could really happen is a mystery that will unfold only in due time. Nevertheless, it’s assumed that WWE 2K18 will enjoy rock-solid success. So, are you ready for the biggest feuds in gaming history?

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